Monday, February 14, 2011


Animal Village Association (AVA)
本村成立目的是希望建立一個平台, 集合全香港義工力量, 全力幫助貓狗尋家、絶育、舉報虐待個案。

“家”對於流浪和被遺棄動物從來都非必然, 牠們要尋到一個可託付一生的家, 亦從來都是崎嶇難行, 牠們這條”尋家之路”需要一群充滿愛與熱誠的義工, 沿途幫忙這群被遺棄的小生命!

This village is established in the hope of providing a platform to co-ordinate the effort of all the volunteers throughout Hong Kong for the purpose of locating home for stray dogs and cats, neutering them and reporting any abuse cases.

“Family” is not something that can be taken for granted to stray animals, it is a very rough path. This “path of finding a home” needs a group of passionate and loving volunteers along the route to help out and to aid this group of deserted animals.

希望加入成為本村之村民, 請遵從以下之村例和宗旨:
1) 時刻宣揚尊重生命, 盡力拯救流浪和被遺棄動物;
2) 支持領養, 反對買賣; 盡力減低人類對購買動物的需求;
3) 協助流浪動物”先絶育, 後尋家”;
4) 不分地域, 無分你我, 團結義工隊的力量, 齊心協力幫助這群可憐可愛的動物謀褔祉!

If you wish to become a villager of this village, please abide by the following rules :-
1. To respect life and make all effort to safe stray and deserted animals;
2. Support adoption, object to animal trading and as far as possible lower the need to buy pet from pet farm.
3. To assist stray animals “neuter first then home placement”
4. To amalgamate the power of the volunteer team, to act as one to help the poor homeless animals

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