Thursday, April 29, 2010

KADOORIE FOUNDATION - Recruitment Notice

The Kadoorie Foundation (KF) is looking for a Charity Director to assist one of its Trustees in developing a new programme, independent of KF.

The new programme will fund a range of projects in the fields of conservation, sustainable living, relief of suffering and other areas of the Trustee's choosing (for a sense of the Trustee's values and interests, visit

The focus is global and there are a number of existing projects and relationships that will form the basis of the programme.

The Charity Director will be required to research new areas and must be willing to travel several times a year, if necessary. Additional qualifications are as follows:

- 8 years or more experience in the fields of Foundation, NGO or responsible business management
- Strong inter-personal communication skills
- Good strategic and analytical thinking
- Conversant with global environmental and social issues
- Deep ecological perspective
- Love of nature, animals and different human cultures
- Good socio-political and policy awareness
- Able to work independently
- Able to network effectively and leverage resources
- Experience in strategic planning and program development
- Able to manage a small team, develop budgets and manage projects
- Efficient at grant-making and other administrative functions
- Competent with computers and relevant software
- Excellent spoken and written English

Applicants should submit a CV, three sources for references, reasons for interest in the position, expected salary and a short essay (no more than 800 words) on the following questions:

Essay: What is/are the root cause/s of the global environmental crisis? How can they be addressed?

Applications should be sent to no later than 7 May 2010 and short-listed candidates will be informed by 21 May 2010

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