Saturday, October 16, 2010

Liverpool Football Club Shanghai HFH Build

HFH China to launch first project in Shanghai
Liverpool Football Club kicks off a special build on the outskirts of Shanghai in partnership with Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity China will be launching its first project in Shanghai to improve the living conditions of elderly people living in China’s largest city. Similar to a project in Hong Kong, Habitat volunteers will renovate or repair and spruce up homes for 20 elderly families in the initial phase of the “Shanghai Age-Friendly Housing Renovation Project.”

HFH China recently signed an agreement with representatives of the Shanghai Senior Citizens’ Foundation in the presence of senior representatives from the municipal government. Home to 17 million people, Shanghai is an aging city with more than 3.15 million of its residents being above 60 years of age by end-2009. Read more.

Today (15th October) sees a special one-day Liverpool Build by business leaders and volunteers at a Habitat project in Pinghu county, on the outskirts of the Shanghai metropolis. Organized by Habitat for Humanity's affiliate in Liverpool, UK, the event is funded by Liverpool Football Club, the Reds. This is a first for Habitat for Humanity and an English premier league football club. The build takes place a day before Liverpool Day which is the grand finale to the city's six-month involvement at the World Expo in Shanghai. Liverpool and Shanghai are twinned port cities. Click here for the story on the Liverpool web site.

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