Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Social Change Through Innovation

An Evening Panel Discussion

Innovative and creative individuals are taking entrepreneurial approaches in making a social impact—addressing problems such as poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and the provision of education and health care. How can technological innovation drive development and bring about social change? Where can inventors-entrepreneurs find the resources—both financial and non-financial—to seed and/or scale up their companies? Join a discussion with a group of enterprising individuals whose innovations and entrepreneurial business models offer fresh and effective approaches in advancing social change.

Gemma Bulos established A Single Drop in 2006 and its vision is to bring clean, accessible and sustainable water to all. It has implemented over 60 projects in the Philippines through community-driven clean water and sanitation solutions which has benefited over 125,000 people. Gemma was named Philippine’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 by Ernst and Young and the Schwab Foundation.

Shawn Frayne is the founder of Haddock Invention, a technology incubator working with partners in emerging markets on cleantech products that can make a global impact. He also co-founded Humdinger Wind Energy, which has developed Windbelt technology, the world’s first non-turbine wind generator. Shawn graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has chosen Hong Kong as his base.

Charles Watson is founder of SolarLEAP, which provides low-cost, low-power computer that use solar energy to students in off-grid communities. He took a gap year and installed his computers in communities in Ghana and Nepal. Charles is 19 years old and a graduate of Hong Kong International School; he has currently deferred his university studies.

Raymond Cheng is CEO of SoZo Group, which he set up in 2010. SoZo Group is an investment advisory company which matches investors with worthwhile businesses and causes to "make a difference." He has more than 30 years of global technology and entrepreneurial experience. (Moderator)

Attended this event yesterday; all three of them are doing amazing work, and good to know there is another home-grown social entrepreneur from Hong Kong - a student from HKIS - doing great work in developing countries...

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