Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SWF2010 - Drayton on Collaborative Entrepreneurship

There're so many great sessions in the Skoll World Forum... I eagerly look forward to this Collect and Collaborate session hosted by Bill Drayton of Ashoka (but then I have to give up another session I already pencil-marked...)


From: William Drayton

Sent: 04/13/2010

Dear Colleagues,

I am greatly looking forward to tomorrow's start to what will be an exciting and engaging Skoll World Forum. As you think ahead for the numerous events taking place in Oxford during this time, let me personally invite you to the Connect & Collaborate session I will be hosting on Thursday at 11am. The conversation will focus on Ashoka’s learnings regarding collaborative entrepreneurship and its role in advancing major social change around the world.

As you think about the concepts of collaborative entrepreneurship and prepare for our conversation, I hope you will find the following two pieces to be helpful.

Come with questions, challenges, and ideas to tip the world.

With great admiration for all you are doing.


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