Saturday, October 25, 2008

施政報告 社會企業

施政報告 社會企業

67. 社會企業有助在社區層面創造基層就業機會。我們會繼續提高公眾對社企的認識。民政事務總署自今年初推行社會企業伙伴計劃,積極推動政府、商界、民間三方合作。至今已成功伙拍超過十個跨界別合作的社企計劃。我們會繼續透過「伙伴倡自強」社區協作計劃,提供種子基金,支持新的社會企業。

Policy Address Social Enterprises

67. The development of social enterprises helps create job opportunities for the grassroots in local communities. We will continue to enhance the public's understanding of social enterprises. The Home Affairs Department launched the Social Enterprises Partnership Programme early this year to encourage tri-partite collaboration among the Government, the business sector and the community. To date, more than ten social enterprise projects have been successfully implemented through cross-sectoral collaboration. We will continue to provide seed money under the Enhancing Self-Reliance Through Partnership Programme to support the start-up of new social enterprises.

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Yiu Kai said...


How can the government enhance the public's understanding of social enterprises if no one in the government bothers to comprehend what it actually means? Enhancing grassroots employment?