Saturday, August 18, 2007

Internet Professional Association (IProA)

Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007

Dear Members and Friends,

A new Challenge Award 2007 in cooperation with Global Knowledge Partnership

We, Internet Professional Association (iProA) and The Stockholm Challenge are proud to invite you to participate the "Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007". Being a Challenge Champions (Asia Partner), we are pleased to announce that the Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007 is the new prize which is an integral part of the Stockholm Challenge 2008 and is open in four of the six Stockholm Challenge categories: Culture, Economic Development, Education and Public Administration. It focuses on the role of multi stakeholder partnerships in ICT for development.

All Stockholm Challenge 2008 applicants in the four categories will be eligible for this new award. They will answer an additional group of questions in the entry form, related to multi stakeholder partnerships and complete their entries by August 31, 2007.

Twelve finalists, three in each category, will be sponsored to travel to the Global Knowledge III Conference in Kuala Lumpur in December 2007 to be celebrated and exhibited. The winners will be announced during this event and they will also be invited to Challenge Week in Stockholm in May 2008, and travel at GKP's expense.

The new award is integrated into the Stockholm Challenge entry form and is accessible both from the Stockholm Challenge website and from the GKP site. It opens on January 1, 2007 and closes for entries on August 31, 2007. All participants in the Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007 are automatically entered in the Stockholm Challenge which closes for entries on December 31 2007 and will be able to continue updating their entries for each award until its own closing date.

GKP and the Stockholm Challenge share the same ambitions to promote ICT success stories that inspire innovation for development from the grass roots to top management levels. This collaboration meets the important goals of providing even greater benefits to Challenge participants.

For further information, please visit

Any interested parties in applying the awards, please contact us at 2778-0040 or by email at We will provide advise on your application before your submission. For your information, the registration must be done online at

Thank you for your kind attention.

Internet Professional Association

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